Penn Street Booths (Old Millheim Theatre)

P1 John Sterling – J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture

P2 Rebecca Gaffron – 2D art

P3 TBA(Calvary Church)

P5 Heather Braightmeyer – Walnut Ridge Designs (jewelry)

P6 TBA(Pisano Winery)

P7Michael Reimer – That Fish Guy (2-D art)

P8 Elie Abdelehad – Elie Handbags (leather)

P9 Lisa DeHaas – Mountain Meadows SoapP10 Richard Horner –

Horners PensFiremen’s Grounds

F1 Georgie LeHoop – Drum Artist

F2 Carol Homick – glass, mixed media

F3-F4 Jacqueline Koontz – Koontz’s Hand Quilting

F5 Scot Paterson – Aaronsburg Pottery

F6-F7 Dan Christ – Dan Christ Gallery (wildlife art)

F8 Nick Peachey – Blue Mountain Metalworks, LLC

F9 Staci Landis – tie dye clothing

F10 Claire Lorts – CL Designs (natural wooden jewelry) Sat. & Sun.

F11 Heather Scully – Heather Scully Photography, LLC

F12 Collin Egelhoff – furniture and woodworksSoldiers and Sailors

Park/Millheim Pool

MP1 Bob Vernon – demonstrating blacksmith

MP2 Diane Maurer – Hand-Marbled Papers

MP3 Martha Bright – Glitterbones (fabric bags)

MP4 Sammie Statham – SunnyDazeWithSam (clothes)

MP5 (pavilion) Karl Eric Leitzel – painted instruments and fine art

MP6 (pavilion) Brienne M. Brown – watercolor and oil painting

MP7 (pavilion) Julie B. Richard – J.B. Richard, author

MP8 (pavilion) Steve Getz and Carol Cillo – clay and 2-D art

MP9 Chip Mock – Mock Creations LLC (caricatures on site)

MP10 Jennifer Black – jewelry

MP11 Melissa Homan

MP5 is also satellite Walkfest information.

Call Karl anytime at 814-422-8461.

The main Walkfest headquarters will be in a tent on the Firemen’s Grounds.

Several more artists will still be added, please check back