Nick Peachey (Metal)
Heather Braightmeyer (Jewelry)
Diane Maurer (Marbling)
Chip and Madison Mock (Caricatures)
Jacqueline Koontz (Fiber)
Heather Scully (Photography)
Melissa Homan (Fiber)
John Sterling (Furniture)
Lisa DeHaas (Mountain Meadows Soap)
Angela Mowery (Pottery)
Claire Lorts (Jewelry)
Dani Reber (2-D Art)
Karl Eric Leitzel (Painted Instruments)
Staci Landis-Smorgasbord Creations (Tie-dye)
Claire Lorts (Jewelry)
Child’s/Cahill Woodfellas(Wood)
Tom Rosenow/Elizabeth Sickles (Painting)
Kristin Allen (Tie-dye)
Richard Winebold (Jewelry)
Elli Groninger (Metal art)
Jennifer Chesworth (Handmade chocolates)
Lainey and Tracey Showers, (Jinxed Earrings)
Maggie Scotilla (2-D Art)
Simon Leach (Pottery demonstration/hands-on and sales)